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Digital Freedom

Welcome to ADM.Business

Your Privacy, Creativity & Security In One!

This service is an answer for those seeking freedom from the global digital giants and the social media censorship. We offer absolutely hassle free and simple services based on common sense and friendly approach. While our Audio & Video services are based on creativity and great ideas, the web design and hosting services are focused on privacy and security of our customers. Unlike today's digital giants, we do not skim through your emails. We keep your data private, safe and available to you only.

Our Features

Hosting Services

Designed especially for folks seeking freedom from tech giants. No content skimming for marketing purpose, instead 100% privacy.

Email Services

If all you need is a private and secure email account, you are in right place. We offer several email domains to chose from.

Multimedia Services

Audio, video and web design. From basic landing pages, CMS through corporate e-commerce sites.

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